November 3, 2016

I read this text this morning:

“When the people rebelled at Meribah you failed to demonstrate my holiness.”
Numbers 27:14

The context was Moses being told that he would only see the Promised land, not set foot in it.  And the reason he would not set foot in it was because Moses (and Aaron) had been disobedient. 

God was attempting to demonstrate his holiness, God told Moses to speak to the rock in the desert and water would come out for all these thirsty, angry, bitter, and  grumbling people.  Moses was so angry at the people that he struck the rock with his staff instead of just speaking to it.  Water came out but God was not pleased.

Moses substituted his anger for God’s holiness. God wanted to bless, Moses blew off steam. 

Most of us would think Moses was justified in his anger…God didn’t think so.

So the question for us is, how can we demonstrate God’s holiness to angry, bitter, and complaining people?  Look around…they are everywhere and sometimes we are one of them.



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