November 7, 2016

Why do we fear?

We fear when we feel alone.
We fear when it’s dark.
We fear when something dashes our hope.
We fear when we don’t understand.
We fear when we’re hurt
We fear when we’re distracted.
We fear when we listen or follow those who are afraid.

What and why do we fear?

Think about that a while. 

If we’re lonely go be among people.
If it’s dark, be light.
If we feel hopeless, seek out a friend or a pastor and be honest.  (Hopelessness can also be a sign of something more complicated, don’t hesitate to see a Dr.)
If we don’t understand, seek clarity.
If we hurt – in one of many ways – find one to listen.
If we’ve allowed distraction to steal our joy, refocus then turn another direction.
If the louder voices are pushing fear then strain to listen for the quieter voice, different perspectives usually result.

That said, I choose not to let fear rule my thinking.  I choose not to be negative to myself or to others.  I choose to be hopeful, merciful, gentle, and peaceful; I choose to follow Jesus.  Some may find fault with some or all of  that…but then again…fear does not redirect my thoughts or actions.

Just some things running through my mind tonight.  There is more there to flesh out but it’s late and I’m tired.  Sweet dreams friends.





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