November 10, 2016

The stuff that life is made of – pain, heartache, disappointment, fear, anxiety, sprinkled with some joy and excitement here and there – is the everyday that we live.  How we live within all of that speaks to the strength we claim. 

If we claim no strength it becomes quickly obvious when life rears it’s ugly head. 

If we claim strength, especially in a higher power (for us who follow Jesus we claim strength through the presence of God’s Spirit) If we claim strength through God’s Spirit the power of that strength, or maybe better said, the faith through the presence of God’s Spirit, is shown by our reactions to adversity.

Said in a much simpler way, when we face all of the darkness that life throws at us…do we still shine with the love of Jesus?

It just seems to me that our light should shine the brightest when we’re up against the worst that life throws at us.  The darker it is, the brighter we can shine.  Do we?

Just some thoughts…




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