November 15, 2016

I suppose it’s the weather but it just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving and that makes it a bit difficult for me to write about it.  One thing that has helped is that granddaughter Katie has been at our house working on Christmas presents for the family.  Without her I don’t believe I would even be thinking about the holidays at all.

But…I have at least been thinking toward Thanksgiving as it relates to our faith and how we as followers of Jesus have so much to be thankful for.  And it’s not what one might think.  There is the given – country, family, church etc.  Those are the givens that we often hear about.  But I’m thinking about people, and being thankful for the people in our lives that have impacted our lives in a positive way.

And…I’m thinking about the privilege of being broken.  An author I was reading awhile back said it this way.

“No one becomes a disciple without saying yes to Jesus taking us, blessing us, breaking us open, and passing us around.”

When we examine our thankful list this year think about how our brokenness might be a blessing to somebody else.




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