December 6, 2016

I read something this week that I think will stick.

The author was talking about Luke’s Gospel and the birth story of Jesus.  He talked about how Luke seems to break out in song – speaking of the characters in the story  Zechariah and Mary – how they are open to the message of the angel after being somewhat skeptical…and then they begin to sing…

Zechariah sings of the coming of the King, then Mary sings of what the Lord has done for her, but Mary then changes quickly to how all people will be blessed through her.  In true Biblical fashiont the blessed are to be a blessing to others.

The author then calls to mind all of the characters of the story and how all of them experience the glory of God because of an “openness to experience.”

And I think…am I always open to experience something of Jesus?

Just some thoughts.




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