December 8, 2016

I keep running through my mind what author Magrey deVega said about “Openness to Experience,” and I think how there must be an openness to receive…and then I think about how that seems to be connected – in my mind anyway – that seems to be connected to the idea of receiving, receiving gifts in particular.

There are so many people who have a difficult time receiving.  I know people who will not receive a gift.  They might possibly receive one at Christmas, but certainly not any other time of the year.  “I don’t take handouts!” they say.  And that tells me that they haven’t yet learned how the sometimes humility in receiving is a major part of the faith we claim.

So it seems to me that before one can be truly open to experience, one must first learn how to receive.  We must be able to take our mind off of ourselves and lean in to the giver.  To many people giving is a blessing and when we fail to receive we in effect take away the blessing of others.

But we also limit ourselves to being open to the experience which means being open to experience the love, mercy, and grace of God.  We experience Jesus through giving and we experience Jesus through receiving, throw in the word blessing and we create a trio of love that act and react upon each other.

We’re not talking handouts here, we’re talking about receiving and then following up on the expectation to give out of what we receive.  In the Biblical fashion those who are blessed are blessed to be a blessing.

Have an openness to experience and pay attention to what or how the experience calls us…

Peace and Light




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