January 3, 2017

I’ve been thinking about relationships.  We talk about relationships at church quite often and I think we intend a relationship to mean a connection with Jesus. 

And that’s true I suppose. 

But if relationship is as important as I think it is, that relationship should create some sort of bond that links us to the object of our relationship.

We are called to be different – not better just different.   And about the only way I know to be different is to be connected to something much stronger than ourselves…for us who follow Jesus that means to move close to him.

So what is on my mind is how do we move closer to Jesus to the point that he affects our life at some point each day?  We aim for how Jesus affects us at all times of the day, John Wesley called that moving on toward perfection, and whether we achieve that or not in this life depends on how we are progressing each day…

Be attentive today.  Watch for the opportunity to be different. 




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