February 8, 2017

Through my reading this week what has stood out to me is the word Peace. And after reading, looking up, studying, and thinking about it, in particular what stands out is a question:

“What is it that steals our peace?”

And of all the things I thought about two in particular come to mind. The two things that most often seem to steal our peace are worry and fear.

Who doesn’t want some peace in their lives? And from being around a lot of people, listening, being in conversation, observing, one of the biggest hindrances to peace is worry or fear in some form or another.

Not fear as in monsters under the bed – although the equivalent of that too sometimes – but fear that doesn’t allow one to have peace deep inside, peace in the core of who we are, peace in the soul…

Fear cuddled up deep inside of us keeps real peace at the far edge of our reach where most anything that moves us keeps peace out of our grasp. And there are things all around that move us…frustrations at home, work, relationships with family or friends, what happens in the news, how we relate to people, how work is going, whether or not our health is good, on and on we could go…but those are things that affect our lives, not things that determine real peace, because peace is sort of like joy, it’s not dependent upon external things that press in on us, real peace comes from the inside, it’s cultivated, sometimes watered with tears and nurtured through courage and determination.

That’s what is on my mind today.




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