March 19, 2017


Moses was great in the eyes of the people…Moses was also great in the eyes of God.  But great as Moses was, he was not above taking his eyes off of God and going his own way.  Read Numbers 20:1-13.  Moses fell to the anger that boiled within him from the grumbling of the people. 

At Meribah, in the desert, God told Moses to speak to the rock and water would come out.  In his anger Moses looked at the grumbling people around him and said, “You rebellious people!  Must we bring water out of this rock!”

And he struck the rock twice with his staff…and the water came out.

God was faithful to the people…but God was not happy with Moses.  Moses put a dent in his relationship with God, and it cost Moses dearly.  Moses would only be able to see the Promised land from a distance, he would not set foot there.

The place where Moses sinned and disobeyed God is called The Waters of Meribah.  And that makes me think…Where are our waters of Meribah?




One thought on “March 19, 2017

  1. Cheri, having walked both sides of the fence, it saddens me when I hear stories about women who’ve never learned to share their struggles. You are right, it is one of the lies that many hold on to. Hoping to reach other parents with the truth and am glad there are others out there like you who are learning while their kids are young.

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