March 22, 2017

In John’s Gospel (15:7) Jesus said, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you…”

Jesus calls us to abide in him, to make our home with him, to live in his presence… “If you would abide in me…”

And that life is not just an external thing where our physical presence takes up space, it is an internal thing… “and my words abide in you…” where Jesus takes up residence within us.  Jesus gives us some promises after that, but it all hinges on our abiding in him.

Jesus doesn’t seem to just call us away from everything we’ve ever known when he says abide in me…he calls us to fill ourselves with his presence, his thoughts, his words… Yes he calls us out of sin, out of a lifestyle that excludes him, and doing that sometimes does call us away from what we’ve been living…

But when Jesus says, “Abide in me,” he wants our attention so that we also hear, “…and my words abide in you…”  Jesus calls us toward himself, and contrary to some thought, life doesn’t stop at our moving toward Jesus, it is only beginning…now comes the filling of his word so that we continue to abide…and live his words that are within us.




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