April 11, 2017

Trying to be creative for Easter Sunday is a challenge, and usually causes me much anxiety.  This year is no different.

But what I come back around to thinking – after some frustration about what to speak about – is the idea that it doesn’t get any more creative that the story as written.

When you think about it, the Easter story is a fantastic story.  It is a story that on first reading causes one to go back and read it again because surely we missed something.

A good man is killed and a bad man is released in his place?  Really?

Most of his friends that vowed to die with him are nowhere to be found?

The good man asks for the forgiveness of the people killing him?

Three days after the good man is killed he comes back to life?  Really?

How are we expected to believe that?  Nobody comes back to life after being dead for three days.

It doesn’t get any more creative than that.

But those who believe that story, those whose lives shows that they believe that story, believe it because they have experienced the good one who came back to life.

Reading the fantastic story can put questions in the mind of why the good man had to die, why his friends deserted him, how he could ask for forgiveness for those killing him, and how he came back to life.

Those questions have answers, they are found in the greater story we call Sacred Scripture.  It’s the story of Jesus of Nazareth, the mind of God that came into the world offering hope, peace, love, joy, and grace.

Read the resurrection story in Luke’s Gospel chapter 24.  Identify with the two guys walking to the town of Emmaus.






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