May 18, 2017

Confidence comes through experience.  Confidence comes through taking what we believe, holding those beliefs up to the light of God’s love and allowing God to blast away at them with his love.  Once we stand through that testing and persevere with wits intact we can feel like we have met Jesus on his turf and have prevailed.

Confidence calls us to action, to put our beliefs on the line, to put our belief where our mouth is so to speak.

It is confidence that brings peace of soul, confidence that allows us to face whatever is ahead without fear and confusion…when we’ve done the work, the calculating, put in the elbow grease, gone through the construction of our beliefs line at a time, challenged our assumptions – and those beliefs have stood the test – it is confidence that lets us breathe easy knowing that our beliefs are sure and founded on the principles of Jesus…

Now get on with life living what we believe keeping an eye and mind on Jesus for him to show us new things and take us closer to the kingdom.




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