May 25, 2017

Author Brian Zahnd wrote on Facebook awhile back one word. 


And instantly people commented on his post.  The comment I remember touched my heart.

“So…I try to be like you, try to feel like you do…it’s no use.  I don’t see what you see when I look at the world.”

And what I’ve come to see and believe is that because of a lack of vision of the Kingdom, many cannot experience the peace that Brian was talking about deep in the soul. 

It is a vision of the Kingdom that continues to allow many of us to have peace.

Jesus said that we get a glimpse of the Kingdom when we are spiritually reborn (John 3:3).   We get a glimpse of the Kingdom when we see compassion in action, when we see acts of mercy and grace, when we see the least offering their pittance for the greater good, when we see the strong humbled, the powerful acting as servants of the poor, when we see the poor in spirit offer a hand to the mournful, when the fatherless, the alien, the widow are cared for…

Jesus indicated that the Kingdom was in full view when these things happened…Glimpses of the Kingdom are all around us, and once we have caught even a fleeting view…our perspective changes…and we think of words like…Peace.




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