July 5, 2017

I was driving down the road this morning thinking about various things and then I thought about how Jesus changes things.  So I pulled over and wrote down some thoughts about what kinds of things Jesus can change, the list could actually go on and on and on, but I wrote down a few things.

It just seems that when we are following, listening, and praying for Jesus to take control of our lives and situations we can expect things to change.  Everything from friendships to relationships, confrontations, attitudes, to disagreements…

When we have the best interest of all concerned in mind, circumstances just have a different perspective therefore different outcomes.

When I think of the New Kingdom that Jesus talked about, the one we pray to come on earth as it is in heaven…I think about how that is a Kingdom where there is no “Us and Them”, there is only “We.”   The New Kingdom is a kingdom where each person has the best interest of each other in mind…how could that sort of mindset change our world?

Just some thoughts this morning…




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