July 21, 2017

This month has been a whirlwind – I’ll tell you about it later.  But I have found over the course of the month that it is so much more difficult to practice what we preach when it comes to patience, anxiety, not worrying, trusting, wondering how in the world life will work out in general.  It is so easy to know and even say that we understand all of that, but it’s another thing to put those things into practice. 

I have found that it takes an intentional effort to stay close to Jesus and to recall my own experiences with him in order to keep a sane mind.  And I have to put into practice what I know to be true – that I can have conversation with Jesus, I can trust him, I can call on him.

And in the process of that I realize that I have to put into action what I know to be true.  As James said in his letter:

“Don’t just know the Word…put it into practice.”
James 1:22

What that does is twofold.  It helps us maintain our own spiritual and mental health, and it shows those around that we don’t just know about Jesus, we have experienced him first hand, and we try our best to do what he says – our influence then, becomes credible and lives are affected for the Kingdom.

Just some thoughts this morning…





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