July 24, 2017

I read a story today that will probably wind up in the sermon on Sunday.  It had to do with giving a gift and part of the gift was the effort through which it was given.

And I began to think about all that we do to offer Jesus to other people in whatever forms we offer – food, clothes, money, bills paid, compassion in any other form we can think of – I began to think of those things as gifts, the offer of Jesus to hurting and fearful souls.

And sometimes we get really tired from our efforts, and often times we feel like what we do doesn’t matter…our effort seems to pale in comparison to what we have to offer. 

But what I’m starting to think is that if we could somehow see our effort as part of the gift maybe we could stay more focused on the task to offer Jesus.  The gift is Jesus, but part of the gift is being poured out in service.

Just some thoughts this evening….




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