August 6, 2017

When it comes to following Jesus we complain sometimes because we don’t have Jesus physically to follow.  We can’t see him so if we’re not careful we can have this disconnect with him.  The disciples were concerned about that in John’s Gospel too, and Jesus told them that after he went away that he would still be with them to teach and remind them through the Holy Spirit (John 14:25). 

But what I’ve learned over time is that if we’re wondering which way Jesus went and complaining because we can’t physically see him, the Holy Spirit is nudging us in the direction of people, poor people, rich people, and all of those in between…

The sick mentally, physically, the alien the widow the orphan, the ones that don’t always act or look like we think they ought to act or look.  The ones who are neglected, used and abused in whatever way imaginable.  Those who are different from us, those who think differently than we do.  We can be fairly sure that Jesus went by the way of these, and if we’re listening we might have heard Jesus say, “Follow me.”

It’s really not difficult to find Jesus and follow him:

Follow the path of love…Jesus is up ahead somewhere comforting those who mourn, laughing with those who laugh, interacting with those who others look down on.

Follow the way of Mercy…we’ll find Jesus washing the feet of sinners, feeding 5,000 somewhere, welcoming children or giving spiritual healing to those who show faith.

Follow the way of Grace…Jesus will slow down a bit as he forgives for the 147th time.  We will find him in prayer interceding for the likes of us, or walking along opening the Scriptures for someone who finally sets their mind on finding out for themselves who this Jesus actually is.

Finding Jesus is not difficult really – just look for people in need all up and down social and financial ladders…engage people where they hurt, where they are broken, and where they are in need.  Scripture shows that Jesus goes by way of these.





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