October 5, 2017


As much as we usually don’t like to admit it, stress is something that can sap the mental energy out of us.  Stress can come from about anywhere…from jobs to relationships to beginning a new job to retirement.  The sources seem unlimited.

Stress sometimes tries to define us, often succeeding.

There are books dealing with the subject of stress, seminars, studies and classes, not to mention that everybody seems to have an antidote that works for them.  But stress is not a one size fit all, and some stress is actually good for us as we need some resistance to keep us strong and healthy.

But stress can be dangerous if we don’t accept the reality of it and find some way to get relief, even short term relief.  We must find some way to channel that negative energy into something positive.  I’ve known people who meditate, do yoga, or find some other quiet way relieve their stress, and some of these folks – the really serious ones – benefit from their mental exercises. 

Some folks have other issues that are beyond their control and need medication to get them through the day.  (We need to be more understanding with these folks)

And then there are the rest of us.  Us who would like to exercise, meditate, do yoga, or any other of the disciplines that are extremely good for us, but our makeup is such that we just don’t slow down enough to do those things, our energy level soars and we need something to burn off that energy (That is just my philosophy and it’s not scientific).

All of that said, I noticed a stress reliever in my backyard the other day. 

A stump.

I thought it was rotten enough to just whack it a few times with an axe and it would disintegrate into nothing…wrong.  Just beneath the surface of some rot was some really hard wood.  After an hour or so of working on it I realized that this was going to be quite a process.

Instead of an obstacle, I began to see this as my stress reliever.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.






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