January 12, 2018


“The journey toward perfection mostly eludes us but is always the goal.”

I think of a boxer bobbing, weaving, ducking left then right staying just out of reach of our effort.  We think we get close a time or two and then we realize we were reaching at nothing but air…

That is the image that comes to my mind when I think about attaining the ultimate in the spiritual life.

It just seems that our spiritual life is a progression,  a process of becoming more like Jesus.  Perfection is not something that we can reach out and take but requires attention, daily attention. 

That said, I know a few people who are not perfect, but I believe they can see perfection from where they are, and the neat part about it is they have no idea they are that close…


Most of us keep looking around each bend, each turn in the path, we catch a glimpse of Jesus from time to time letting us know that he is still up ahead of us…it is that occasional glimpse of Jesus that keeps us reaching.




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