April 8, 2019

Watching it rain this morning, and pondering Philippians 2:5:

“Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus…”

And then the writer goes on to talk about how Jesus became one of us, humbled himself, and was obedient to the depths of his soul.

And I wonder if I might be strong of heart enough to have that same mindset…

How difficult it is to be humble and loving.  We often think we’re loving, we want to be, we try hard to be, we even go out of our way to be loving.  But the mind of Jesus goes much farther, the mind of Jesus is loving to those who are different from us, those who believe different from us, those who interpret the Scriptures different from us, even those we perceive as our enemies.  And often we substitute humility and obedience with righteous anger.

I have heard so many try to legitimize their anger at various groups of people by saying that Jesus got angry, and they go on to cite Jesus clearing the temple of the merchants and money changers.  Yes Jesus did get angry from time to time, he was angry at those who acted from selfish ambition, those who misrepresented the love he came to give to all people.  To put it in terms of today, Jesus was angry because the very ones who claimed his name didn’t share his vision of love.

The gist of Jesus’ teaching was/is love.

So… a question to think about.  How can we let the same mind be in us that was in Jesus?

For each thing we attempt to do or say today, think about the mind of Jesus…how can we be like him?





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