September 6, 2019

Humility and sacrifice…

Two words that define those who follow Jesus.  There are other words too but these two have been on my mind for a while. 

Those who are humble don’t usually realize they are being humble it’s just a way of life for them, it could be called an attitude or a behavior free from worry about self. 

Humility doesn’t mean weakness rather humility is a strength when it’s all boiled down to it’s precipitate.  It takes a strong person to humble themselves before others.

Sacrifice involves putting others before ourselves in many ways, it means looking out for the good of others at the expense of our own time, effort, money, personal safety, way of life etc.  Sacrifice like humility takes strength of character.

Jesus taught humility and sacrifice by the way he lived his life…we would do well to follow his example.

Just a few thoughts before bedtime…



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