About Me

I am a second career United Methodist Pastor.  I have a passion for people, mission, and to know Jesus better.  It is my joy to help people understand that God is not an angry God, that Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves, that our honesty is more important than our piety.

I write my reflections, my thoughts, my experiences, in hopes that some may see Jesus as one who accepts us as we are, loves us sometimes in spite of us, and desires that our devotion to him be expressed through our interaction with other people, all people, realizing that there are none that God does not see as dearly loved.

I believe that religious rules of do’s and don’ts are a detriment to the life of those who are attempting to follow Jesus.

When our faith is based on the negative, destructive, or the damning of others or ourselves…we create barriers between us and God.  I believe we have much more freedom in our religious life than we sometimes dare to admit.

I am interested in what God is doing in our world, the ongoing story of Creation.  I see God trying to get our attention through ways that are sometimes contrary to what we learned in years past.  The thought of being saved, “Whew!  I’m in!   Now, be good and wait till Jesus comes back!” somehow doesn’t seem Biblical to me.  How can I grow, be more accepting, more open-minded to the realities around me, how can I be content with my life and help others to be content with their life, how can I allow others to see some hint of Jesus in me?  All of that – and more –  sounds much closer to what Jesus taught.

Some thoughts that occasionally cross my mind:

See the beauty around you.

Live for the day as you aim for eternity.

Be still often.

Listen for what Jesus whispers in your ear.

Learn as much as you can.

Look at all people as dearly loved by God.

Realize that God is still in control.

Understand that God is speaking through the younger generations, sometimes in ways that frighten us older folks.

Challenge your dogma’s.

Never be afraid to change your mind.

Thinking is good.

Loving is good.

Peace is good.

Laughter is good medicine.

Art, poetry, and music express the heart.

Never be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Tell God your questions, doubts, and fears.

Listen to what God might be saying.

Understand that good will win in the end.



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there! Great minds work together, if you can access FB Dwight has a pic from this week with a string of Crappie! He like myself has gone into the 21st century kicking and screaming, he just entered the wide world of FB! His daughter Jessica had her firstborn Nov. 16, his name is “Clay Cooksey Warfield!” Ya’ll certainly are no stanger to “little one’s.” This is the first in a very long time for “The Vaughn’s and we’re all simply nuts over him! Thought I’d drop in and say HI! Hope this finds you, Deb, and “The Fields Crew,” do’n well!

  2. hi
    yes Peace is good.
    why christians leaders were not peaceable?
    muslims people killed dreadful in palestine cities and jerusalem in crusade wars.but jesus didnot said to kill civil humans.
    therefore your gospel is not jesus’s real gospel.

    why popes supported adolf hilter? if adolf hilter did not supported by popes ,criminals did not happen in ww2
    Hitler served the Catholic Church faithfully and he wasn’t afraid or ashamed in admitting his endless devotion to the Society of Jesus as well as never ending devotion to the two Popes who brought him to power, Pius XI and Pius XII.
    Adolf was a confirmed Catholic at Linz Cathedral. Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in January 30, 1933. Roman Catholic priest Ludwig Kaas supported Hitler’s Enabling Act (which has similarities to today’s Patriot Act.
    powerfull governments in west supported War criminal leaders in israel to having nuclear and chemical weapons.
    isis[isil] and Al-Qaeda have taken everything from u.s.a’s friends[Saudi Arabia and qatar and u.a.e and other ].
    isis and Al-Qaeda are friend of friends of united states[usa].

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