New life

I bought this old oak dresser for maybe five bucks a while back.  I wish I’d taken true before pictures.  There was no back at all, drawers were broken, one with no bottom, and it was covered with shiny globby varnish.

The picture below already has a new back and it’s sanded.


Drawers repaired (somebody before me fixed the middle one with a pine board) and ready to sand.  The front drawer on the left has been repaired previously with three different boards…it seems to work though.




The picture above is after sanding and staining the drawers.  Note the three different pieces of wood in the drawer front on the left.

Below is a small section of the top after sanding and staining.  There were too many gouges and deep scratches to try to get all out so I just decided to embrace what was there.  I’ll put an “After” picture up after the stain dries and I get a coat of wax on it.  Might take a day or two because of the cool weather.


It’s fun to revive something old and broken so it can be used again.  You can only do that on the old things…the new stuff isn’t made well enough to salvage.

Just some fun on a dreary day.




January 23, 2018

“Joy is not the result of perfection, rather Joy is the result of striving for perfection.”


Too often we think that pure joy will result when we reach our goals, accomplish some greater task or someway move close to some desired end.  The problem is that when we look we don’t see that take place in our lives or the lives of others.

Joy seems to come little bits at a time all the while striving to reach our goal, putting out the effort to accomplish some greater task or when we fail and get back up trying once again to reach that desired end.

I’m not sure how to explain it but there is something about the process of trying and failing that teaches us how to appreciate joy.  If we haven’t failed a few times while chipping away at some goal, our definition of joy is most likely lacking.

Peace and joy


January 22, 2018

“Barriers are not always dead ends…they only seem that way because of our fear of the unknown.”

There are exceptions to every rule but I’m thinking of those things that stop us because of our fear or uncertainty of what we cannot see.

Think about some barriers that might stop us and then spend some time honestly thinking about what is on the other side of that barrier.  Wonder if there could be some light on what seems to be that dark side. 

If our honest search produces nothing but darkness we might go another direction, but if light beams through the cracks of our barriers, we might do ourselves and others a service to climb over.

Just some thoughts…

Peace and light


January 19, 2018

“Following Jesus is a dance where faith and adventure take the floor together…”

I like that mental picture.  Faith and adventure working together causing the movement of our life to coincide with what God has in mind for us…joy and peace as we move deeper into the kingdom.  And if the dance is right other people will want to get out on the floor as well.  After all…it’s not just about us, it’s about Jesus.




January 17, 2018



“Changed lives don’t seem to last the course unless there has been a change in perspectives.”

When we feel the inclination that we need or want to change there must be a lifestyle change.  Thinking should change, actions should change…and for any of that to take place there must be a heart change.

Changing perspectives requires that we feed our minds with things that are right and true and just and admirable, the stuff change is made of.  And then the evidence of change is in the fruit, what follows us around. 

If what follows us around are arguments, envy, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, dissentions of all kinds, then maybe our perspective needs some work.  Because the fruit of a life that has changed is more like:

“Love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control… Galatians 5:22-23.”

Just some thoughts on a cold, snowy morning.



Winter day

Finally got some snow here in Southern middle Tennessee.





Sure is pretty.

January 16, 2018

“It is the responsibility of those who follow Jesus to take our generation deeper into the mind of God.”

In our day to day living, in our actions, in our thinking, in our reactions to the things around us…is that happening?