January 28, 2018

“Holy interruptions are those times and places where our effort in one direction is turned to another direction…Sometimes the interruption is preparation for something bigger and sometimes the interruption is the something bigger.”

This is often difficult to remember especially when we’re those people whose focus is on finishing (guilty here). 

Pay attention to interruptions, they may be our mission.





Sugi Ban

My first attempt at Sugi Ban.  (Japanese method of preserving wood.)


Char the wood, cool it, and clean it.  I’m planning on making some flower boxes to put in the courtyard at home.  I think I need to practice some more since I’m not really sure about how much to char the wood and how much to clean it.

Some firsts

I’ve been making some walnut cutting boards.  I had an end piece with a big crack in it so I decided to try my hand at making a bow tie to salvage the board and hopefully look neat in the process.








After finishing the bow tie, I planed it smooth and put some epoxy filler in the crack.




I wound up putting a bow tie on both sides to keep the crack from getting bigger.


I learned a few things in the process so hopefully next time it will go a little better.

Finished oak dresser

Before and after pics of the dresser.




The dresser was so bad I put it out by the road and nobody would take it.  They would now.

I got the old chair a few years ago…replaced a rung in the back, cut off the legs to get rid of the rot, got rid of the wobble, and put a seat on it.  It’s not much but I like it.

January 24, 2018


“Questions are sometimes answered after we accept the idea that we might never know the answer.”

Often it seems that we have to let go of some things before we can see through them. In other words, sometimes our questioning mind blocks our view.

It seems that some things have to be taken for what they are.  We sometimes question “Why?” when why doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things…but on occasion when we accept the idea that we might never know why…the wisdom of “Why?” is given to us.

The idea of all of this seems complicated to me.  Suffice it to say that some questions have answers that require time to answer.



New life

I bought this old oak dresser for maybe five bucks a while back.  I wish I’d taken true before pictures.  There was no back at all, drawers were broken, one with no bottom, and it was covered with shiny globby varnish.

The picture below already has a new back and it’s sanded.


Drawers repaired (somebody before me fixed the middle one with a pine board) and ready to sand.  The front drawer on the left has been repaired previously with three different boards…it seems to work though.




The picture above is after sanding and staining the drawers.  Note the three different pieces of wood in the drawer front on the left.

Below is a small section of the top after sanding and staining.  There were too many gouges and deep scratches to try to get all out so I just decided to embrace what was there.  I’ll put an “After” picture up after the stain dries and I get a coat of wax on it.  Might take a day or two because of the cool weather.


It’s fun to revive something old and broken so it can be used again.  You can only do that on the old things…the new stuff isn’t made well enough to salvage.

Just some fun on a dreary day.



January 23, 2018

“Joy is not the result of perfection, rather Joy is the result of striving for perfection.”


Too often we think that pure joy will result when we reach our goals, accomplish some greater task or someway move close to some desired end.  The problem is that when we look we don’t see that take place in our lives or the lives of others.

Joy seems to come little bits at a time all the while striving to reach our goal, putting out the effort to accomplish some greater task or when we fail and get back up trying once again to reach that desired end.

I’m not sure how to explain it but there is something about the process of trying and failing that teaches us how to appreciate joy.  If we haven’t failed a few times while chipping away at some goal, our definition of joy is most likely lacking.

Peace and joy